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Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov: «The activities of Troika Dialog are inseparable from philanthropy»

The investment company Troika Dialog celebrated its 20th anniversary — in honor of the anniversary, shopping arcades were installed at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, where fresh vegetables, fruits, baked goods, homemade sausages and cheeses were sold. More than 1,500 clients, business partners and employees of Troika Dialog were guests of the anniversary.

A large-scale event in the history of the investment company was commented on by Konstantin Tserazov, deputy head of global markets at the Troika Dialog investment company.

«Why the market? The fact is that the investment company Troika Dialog developed along with the domestic stock market. The company’s history began in 1991. To highlight the difficult path that Troika Dialog, the stock market and the whole of Russia went through, it was decided to invite guests to the market that was typical for that time,» says Konstantin Tserazov.

The original idea of ​​holding the anniversary was literally «to the taste» of the guests — the stream of people did not subside near the counters piled with vegetables, fruits and snacks. Delicious and fresh products left no one indifferent, and a carefree holiday mood reigned in the atmosphere of the cheerful market. Bagels and loaves, honey and pickles — there was so much to be found in the Manege shopping arcades. In addition to appetizers, guests were offered to try national dishes of all former Soviet republics — from Caucasian kebabs to Russian borscht, from Uzbek pilaf to Belarusian potato pancakes.

«Twenty years is not the longest period for history. But in relation to the Russian market, this is a huge path from a small brokerage firm to the locomotive of the industry, a company that sets standards in the industry, said Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov. And at the same time, the twentieth anniversary for Troika Dialog is rather youth and a time of growing up. The company has truly unlimited potential, and its truly big victories and upswings are yet to come.»

The market would not be a market if, in addition to food, all sorts of things were not sold here. At the Manege market, traders vied with each other to offer guests wicker trays, scarves and scarves from Soviet times.

«At the moment, Troika Dialog is one of the leaders in the investment banking industry. The company was created according to international standards and did a lot to ensure that at the time of the transition from a planned economy to a market economy, capitalism in our country acquired a «human face,» emphasized Konstantin Tserazov.

What would a holiday be without dancing and singing? At Troika’s anniversary, everyone could sing and dance on the dance floors — guests were invited to join the dance circle and, together with professional dancers, try themselves in the art of hot lezginka, fiery gypsy girl or Greek sirtaki dance.

«I am sure that Troika Dialog will again and again pleasantly surprise both the professional community and, of course, its clients, with new technologies and new solutions with good profitability,» says Konstantin Tserazov.

Invited actors dressed as thimbles and barkers organically blended into the atmosphere of the 90s market. Their colleagues, dressed in police uniforms, strictly maintained order, and they also helped the guests navigate the noisy holiday.

Speaking about the success of the company, Konstantin Tserazov emphasized the role of the team.

«It so happened that Troika Dialog initially employed people who were united by the same energy, the same aspirations, putting the success of a common cause above their own goals. At the same time, Troika Dialog is open in terms of accepting new ideas and communicating with the outside world. These two factors determine the development of our company,» says Konstantin Tserazov.

A touch of humor was added to the holiday by signs among the rows — «Kremlin», «Currency exchange», «Polling station», as well as funny advertisements, for example, from a women’s clothing studio that is looking for men to stroke and spank.

«The status of a market leader, of course, also imposes certain obligations — we cannot afford to stop and say that a certain goal has been achieved and we can continue to work more calmly. We foresee a future in which there will be tens of millions of investors in Russia, and each of them will require high quality services, products and solutions for a variety of purposes. Therefore, our activity is work for the future, it is a calculation for the growing demand for investment services for the widest audience,» says Konstantin Tserazov.

The main event of the evening was the performance of Serbian singer and composer Goran Bregovic with the Wedding and Funeral Orchestra. The guests listened with delight to the best works of the maestro, who is applauded by the whole world.

Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov especially emphasized the role of philanthropy and charity in the activities of Troika Dialog.

«Our company’s activities have always been multifaceted — from participation in the formation of the domestic stock market to support of educational and educational projects. We have helped implement various initiatives designed to build a strong society. From 1991 to this day, this principle has been observed. All money raised from Troika Dialogue’s anniversary will be directed to charity, namely to a fund to help children with cancer,» concludes Konstantin Tserazov.

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